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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

[Huawei Assistant App Launched] Huawei Assistant App Is Now Open To Public Beta | Download Now

Huawei Assistant Is now Launched for public Beta. This is your Personal assistant which has various smartc features including newsfeed, instant access to apps etc. Here is detailed information below.

Huawei Assistant Beta-access

HUAWEI Assistant is currently launched for Public Beta.  Download link is Available at the bottom

[ Your Personal Assistant]

With the Today page of Assistant, Huawei is bringing a new level of intelligent performance to users, by helping them to find services and information when & where they are needed.

[ Instant Access]

Instant Access provides services for consumers in all scenarios, conveniently recommended services based on users’ desire.

[SmartCare Cards]

SmartCare Cards bring an intelligent & dynamic ability to our users. Instead of searching for the right application, services will be recommended when needed. By providing information cards to users, they can see basic info about their phone and 3rd party services such as live content or travel in cards.


For the Huawei Newsfeed we partnered up with the leading News agencies and providers. This is why we can bring personalized news to our users instantly when they occur.

Download From Here

If you would like to download
and try HUAWEI Assistant, download and install the APK below.

Click Here

Instructions and Terms of Service

Install the APK, and it will replace the existing Google Discover-feed on the device’s -1 screen.

HUAWEI Assistant is supported by devices running EMUI 9.1. and above.

In order to see News-content, please change your language and region settings to an applicable combination, such as English – United Kingdom for UK English content.


If you wish to return to using Google Discover-feed, uninstall the Huawei Assistant APK and restart the device.

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