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Monday, October 14, 2019

[Huawei Themes] Update Your App To The Latest Version

Dear Users, Download the Huawei Themes App Latest version here. A New Version Of Huawei Themes App Is Rolling out!! The update includes some new Features, New Themes and New Wallpaper. What Are you waiting for? Download It Now!!

Huawei Theme App : Update


Personalize your phone with a fantastic selection of fun and original themes.
  • [Themes]
Transform your phone with different lock screen, styles wallpapers, and app icons.
  • [Wallpapers]
Turn your home screen into a work of art with a fantastic catalog of quality images.
  • [Customize]
Create your own personalized combinations of lockscreen styles, text styles, and wallpapers.

[Themes Updates] 
  • Customize themes: Mix and match wallpapers, text
  • styles, and icons to create your own personalized theme.
  • Send gifts: Know someone who would like a particular theme? Why not send it as a gift!
  • Add to favorites: So you can access all your favorite content in one place.
[Update Details]
Size: 35 MB

[Screenshot Involved]

Download Now 

Download Here Link 1
Download Here - Link 2

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