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Friday, August 9, 2019

EMUI 10 is coming! In addition to the dark mode, there are several new changes (with upgrade list)|| Huawei and HONOR Devices Getting EMUI 10 Update||

On the afternoon of August 9, Huawei held the Huawei Developer Conference in Dongguan, Guangdong Province. The EMUI10 was officially announced at the conference, and the development and application progress of EMUI10 was explained to developers.

Wang Chenglu, President of Huawei Consumer Business Software, took the stage and reviewed the achievements of EMUI. Currently, there are more than 500 million daily users in the world, and they are registered in 216 countries and regions around the world, supporting 77 different languages.

 Since EMUI8, the inventory users have been close to 100 million, up to 120 million on EMIUI9, and the upgrade rate is 84%, which is close to Apple's iOS 12.

The functional technologies brought by the EMUI upgrade have been heard a lot in the past few years, such as "18 months not stuck", "GPU Turbo", such as "Link Turbo", such as the EROFS file system and "Ark" brought by EMUI 9.1.  translater".

Now, these functional technologies go a step further, with 30-month performance degradation of less than 10%, GPU Turbo performance up to 60%, and Link Turbo an average of over 70% faster than single 4G network speeds, and EROFS brings random reads.  Performance increased by 20%, after the Ark compiler recompile, the application fluency exceeds 60%.

 EMUI10's UI is completely new, dark mode is open to third parties

Then officially enter the EMUI10 part, Huawei hopes that EMUI10 will become the key to open the smart life of the whole scene in the future.

For many people in the past few years, the EMUI UI has been squandered. This time, EMUI10 starts from the UI, and the whole UI design brings new changes, including the art of leaving the white, using the Morandi color, the new icon style, and the darkness.  Mode and more.

Due to the large changes in the UI, this is an example of how the Diablo mode is designed.

The Diablo mode has a lot of dark color filling, which poses a certain challenge to the design in terms of readability design. Huawei has adopted the WCAG 2.1 accessibility standard.  And from the contrast, color fill, highlight and color scale design, and so on, so that users can read without a sense of jumping.

Wang Chenglu said that starting from EMUI10, Huawei's UI has been on the right path and will become better and better later.  Diablo mode will also open the interface to all third-party applications.

Multi-device seamlessly connected to form a super terminal

 EMUI10 also brings three new key technologies:

  •  Hardware capability mutual aid sharing
  •  Develop a multi-terminal deployment at a time
  •  Distributed security.

First of all, from the first point of view, EMUI10 breaks the capacity limitation of a single hardware, can superimpose the capabilities of multiple devices, realizes collaborative sharing across terminals, and divides all hardware of the same type into one through virtualization of distributed hardware capabilities.  In the hardware pool.  All hardware under one user can form a HyperTerminal.

What is the virtualization of distributed hardware capabilities, for example, virtualizing the lens of the drone into the camera of the mobile phone, then transmitting the video captured by the drone lens directly to the camera in real time through the video call function between the mobile phones  On the other phone.

Then the question comes, what should I do with the application on each terminal after the hardware is coordinated?  In the past, developers had to adapt each terminal specifically, so that there is still a wall between each terminal ecosystem.

 To solve this problem, it is the second key technology, one-time development of multi-terminal deployment, which requires the use of a distributed UI programming framework on the UI, enabling the use of unified UI development tools between different terminals, but at different terminals.  Custom controls can be used to adapt the hardware.

Finally, there are distributed security aspects. For example, if there is a lot of hardware under one user account, but some small devices have weak security protection capabilities, EMUI10 adopts an authorization mechanism, and only a few authorized devices can control small devices.  The other is to ensure that the devices that are connected are the correct devices through the public key.

In addition, EMUI10 also packs and slices all biometric information of users such as faces, fingerprints, voiceprints, etc., and automatically distributes the data of these slices to different places by the system, which prevents a security problem caused by a biological information leakage.  .

 Video calls, travel, and office will all change due to EMUI10

 Distributed is the most important technology and change of EMUI10, and it will bring many changes to traditional scenes.

 For example, when making a video call, you can choose to use the microphone and speaker of the speaker to make a call. The sound quality and experience will be better. For example, you can let the TV display the mobile phone video call on the big screen, but the operation is done on the mobile phone. This is distributed technology.  Bringing multiple devices to seamlessly switch and merge usage scenarios.

In addition, for office and productivity, PCs and mobile phones can also work together. When the two are easily connected by NFC or scan code, the computer can control the mobile phone, and the mobile phone application can also be used on the computer screen.  Data such as nails, WPS, and WeChat can be seamlessly shared between the phone and the computer as if it were the same device.

In addition, distributed technology allows mobile phones and cars to collaborate, the system runs on the phone, but the display is placed on the car.  Through the cooperation with watches, mobile phones and car machines, it is also possible to analyze the driver's status in real time, such as taking the driver's camera to the mobile phone for analysis, and then combining the heart rate and other data on the watch for comprehensive analysis.  It can prevent the driver from driving fatigue or some unexpected situations.

 At present, there are more than 30 car brands supporting this function, and the models have reached more than 120 models.

By the way, Huawei will release a new AR map function by October.

EMUI10 also added a new fluency discrete test standard. The Huawei P30 Pro and iPhone Xs were compared in the field. The results showed that Huawei was a leader in the iPhone.

 Ark compiler makes applications run smoother

Finally, Wang Chenglu once again explained why the Ark compiler is less efficient than the current Android compilation, because when the Android application is mixed with Java and C for development and compilation, the C/C+ library files and Java DEX are packaged into one APK.  Executable files, dynamically compiled by the ART virtual machine when using the application, the efficiency is relatively low.

The Ark compiler can mix languages, C and Java can be compiled into a unified intermediate language, and then statically compiled into an APK executable, which is more efficient.

In addition, the memory recycling mechanism has also been greatly improved. Currently, Android needs to be reclaimed in terms of memory recycling, and the Ark compiler can reclaim memory at any time, and the application runs more smoothly.

The most popular TOP 40+ applications have been recompiled with the Ark compiler, and more software will be added in the future.

 This year, the Ark compiler will open the framework for open source and will be fully open sourced next year.

The last step is to build a full-scenario smart ecosystem. Huawei is open to global partners in smart travel, sports health, smart home and more, and EMUI10 will open more content.

 Huawei also opened the entire HUAWEI DevEco Studio development tool to third parties, enabling third parties to use Huawei's experience and tools to develop better applications.

 When will the models be used? EMUI10

Finally, EMUI 10 will open beta testing on the P30 series on September 8th, and the next-generation Mate series will also ship directly to EMUI 10.

 In addition, in the official forum, there should be more models to adapt to the time, in addition to the Mate 20 series will open beta beta in late September, glory 20 series, V20, Magic 2 will also enter the test at the same time.

For EMUI10, Ai Faner will have more follow-up reports and detailed explanations tomorrow.

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