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Monday, June 3, 2019

EMUI 9 : Best Tips and Tricks and Features You can use on EMUI 9 !! Tips and Tricks !! EMUI 9

Hey Folks, EMUI always Comes with new and awesome Features with its new version and updates. It just made your life works almost easier and cool. Let's just get to know about EMUI 9.0 
[EMUI 9.0 : Enable A Quality Life]
What Type Of User Interface we need?
Simpler , Clear , User Friendly with most of the features.
EMUI 9.0 : This upgrade enables quality life and gives you an immersive experience with nature. The new upgrade provides system speed enhancements, greater AI capabilities and new ways to improve your everyday life.
★Performance At it's peak★
EMUI Can Fullfill Your day to day task very efficiently with AI Prediction Technology. Everyday will Be Energetic With Essence Of EMUI .
★Gaming At It's Best Level With GPU TURBO 2.0★
With GPU turbo 2.0 your gaming level will be best than ever. While gaming gpu turbo enhance your Device Performance and Keeps your phone cool by lowering touch delays by an average of 36%.
★Design Comes with Latest Trends★
Familiar Apps have all been redesigned with an aligned structure to be more consistent and easy to use with one hand operation. EMUI restructured these apps by moving operation tabs from the top to the bottom of your screen. The visual design and card-type layout form a unified design, which is easy to read and understand.
★Navigate with Gestures: Stop Using Navigation Keys★
Feeling minimalist? Say goodbye to navigation keys, bars, and docks. Open Settings, go to System > System navigation and select Gestures.
★Huawei Share : Easy Wireless Connections★
EMUI 9.0 makes printing files a lot easier with HUAWEI Share. Now you can click one button to print. No more cables and extra devices.
★Password Vault : There Will Be No Word Like "Forget My Password"★
Password Vault Saves Your Username and Password. Whenever you enter your username and password it asks you whether you want to save it or not. It's the best, secure and easiest way to save your password. Password Vault comes with security .
★Want to change Phones? But want to keep Everything?★
Got a new phone? Phone Clone's got you covered. In a matter of minutes (up to 1 GB per minute, in fact), you can transfer all your contacts, messages, apps, files, and more.
Open Settings, go to System > Phone Clone, and follow the onscreen instructions.
★Wireless Projection : Now Enjoy Great Stuff On Big Screen★
Wirelessly project your presentations to the big screen. In PC mode, you can use the graffiti pen to write notes, leave remarks and make screenshots during the meeting. Any incoming phone calls or messages will be hidden from the big screen. Enjoy showing your ideas with coworkers and sharing the videos with your family effortlessly.
★Memo : Save your Ideas and Notes According To YOUR Colors★
Notepad In EMUI 9.0 Provides you plenty of options to remind your notes by providing suitable tag.
To know more checkout this post:
[Tips]How To Use Your Notepad Efficiently?
★Digital Balance : Make Your Every Moment Count★
EMUI 9.0 provides a detailed Screen Time Management report on your daily phone use, duration of time spent viewing notifications, and how long you use each application. Achieve a digital balance to help you get back to what is important.   
★Have a break: Have a Kit Kat★
EMUI 9.0 provides a customisable time feature to set during bedtime. The phone display will turn grey during this period to reduce desires to use your phone.
There are many more Features Available. You can stay tuned to my EMUI Series.
Hope you like it
What features you want to see in next version?

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