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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

List Of EMUI 9.1 Features Which Are Coming In your Devices Very Soon!!! Checkout Now!!!

Hey friends, EMUI 9.1 is coming soon to more devices after being  released in Huawei flagship phone eg. P30. So if you are eagerly waiting for the Emui 9.1 update and want to know the upcoming features then this post is for you.

Checkout this link for list of devices getting emui 9.1

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Checkout this link to know how to sign-up for beta test of Emui 9.1?

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Features availablity in Emui 9.1


You can expect a great performance then the previous version of Emui 9.0 . It boosts your device performbepe by 20%. It also increase the read and write time . You can have extra storage for your personal stuff.

Gpu Turbo 3.0

Many of you like gaming so Emui 9.1 brings you the gaming at high level and this time you will have support for more new games. your gaming experience will be far better than the previous version with support of 25 most popular games.

Huawei V logs

Well now you can have editing features in your smartphone itself.  You can add dramatic filters in your videos with the background music. Sharing your own videos can be done in just one click. And yes special speed effects are also there.

Assistant at your side

When you have something to look up , and
Have some tasks to do then Google assistant is ready for you in just one hold click.

AR Measurement

With the AR measurement feature now you can measure the height, length and volume easily of an object.

With the new technology of face recognition you can measure the height by scanisca from toe to head.

One hop sharing with Huawei share

With the upcoming Emui 9.1 now you can send your documents, music files , videos in a single tap. Now copy and paste will be easier than ever.

Huawei Car key Feature

It is very secure feature you can autimautomati unlock your car with the NFC Feature provided in your phone's when you forget the key .You can also share the key with the 5 people max.

You can also unlock your car when it is out of battery . Well I like the feature in which we can start the engine by placing our phone in phone box which should be secure.

Workout partner and Trainer

In Emui 9.1 your device will be workout partner you can connect your phone to the trade mill , burning calories , running and laps of the workout.
Now you can set your personal fitness goals and can measure the step vibration.

Phone clone

Now you can simply transfer your data and switch your phone's simply via phone clone.

New UI and Design

In Emui 9.1 you will have a wonderful user experience with all new design and icons .

What are you waiting for? Are you eagerly waiting for Emui 9.1? Let me know which device you are using in Comments..

Hope you like it

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