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Sunday, April 14, 2019

[EMUI FONTS] Re-design your HONOR Smartphone with 25 Most Alluring Fonts

Hey guys,
Abhijeet this side. A few days back I shared a post reflecting my candid experience in Kolkata. I hope you all liked the sample pictures I clicked from HonorView20. In the rarest case if you have missed that post then you can find the link of it at the bottom. 

In this post, I am sharing the 25 most alluring EMUI Fonts for HONOR/Huawei smartphones. We like renovations, isn't it? You all will agree that our smartphones are not less than the second abode or precisely call it our virtual home. Like our sweet home, we all love to decorate our smartphones as well. The choices differ from person to person. Some may go for bright vivid themes, others opt for light and pastel wallpapers. 

Similarly, a different crazy way to revamp your smartphone look is by changing the fonts. Believe me, you will feel the difference. 
In our HONOR smartphones, we have an ocean of EMUI Fonts. But here, I'll share 25 most luring EMUI Fonts for HONOR.

Steps to Download the Fonts:
1. First of all, you have to comment on this post to unveil the Download LInk.
2. Click on the link. You will be re-directed to Google drive folder containing those 25 EMUI Fonts for Honor smartphones.

3. Right-click -> Download the font. 
4. Once the Font downloaded, COPY that font from 'DOWNLOAD'  folder in SD card or Internal Storage.PASTE it in 'Huawei' folder -> 'Themes' folder
5. Open the 'Themes' app -> Me -> My Themes. You will find the downloaded font here. Click and Apply.

Download links below 
Link  1

Link 2


*** Comment in this post to see the Download Link***

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