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Monday, February 11, 2019

EMUI 9.0 Beta Tester Recruitment Apply Here!!!

Hi Guys,
Huawei and Honor works continously for the improvement of our devices to match your expectation. But without your support, feedback and guidance, we will be left with less growth. Let's emerge as a stronger community and improve Honor experience.
We are arranging a Beta tester recruitment for Honor 8 Pro.
If you own an Honor 8 Pro and like to be part of this Beta testing, kindly download BETA App from 

 and register yourself.
Steps how to register :-
Start APP > login > select “Personal” > “Join Project” > “Available Project”
Honor BETA test program is a voluntary program to test developer software version on your personal Honor device.  This program will provide experience related to information exchange, technical discussions, BETA ROM release, and answers to technical queries.  Any information that is not related to the Product and Software release should not be discussed in this place.
1.  Beta program for each version is  created to test the developer version ahead of its public release. 

2.   Because this is a developer version, BETA software user experience may be varied as there could be many bugs, application crashes, user data loss, fast battery drain and other similar issues. If you choose to be part of this program, you agree to test the software quality on your personal device.
3.   All BETA testers are required to mandatorily upgrade the device to latest software and also give feedback on issues and surveys conducted by the Honor team time to time.
4.  Issues need to be raised only on the BETA Tool provided by the Honor team and nowhere else. Non-submission of issues for two consecutive releases can result in removal of user as BETA tester.
5.  BETA testers need to follow the above guidelines and report their issues mandatorily enclosing the details as mentioned below:
a.      Screenshot
b.      Logs
c.       Video
d.      User Actions in Detail
6.  Moderators may communicate with the Beta tester regarding the reproduction of reported issues through the personal messenger.
7.  The information shared in this is strictly prohibited from being shared on any social media channels (Facebook, Whatsapp, etc) or via personal mail. The site will not take any responsibility in case any personal information is leaked.
8.  The BETA testers are strictly prohibited from posting any type of advertising, promotion, business trading content (including the topic post, reply, avatar, signature), and for releasing any kinds of anti Honor, anti-Huawei, and anti-Team resources, any information. If found violating the above rules, the tester will be directly removed will be imposed with strict penalties.
9. Anyone found posting inappropriate comments, using offensive or insulting words; causing mischief and posting malicious content to destruct the order of the forum will be directly removed from the community and will be strictly dealt with penalties.

10.  Posts found violating the forum rules and regulations, if found, will be deleted, the concerned ID will be removed from the group without prior intimation and would not be allowed to participate in any further BETA program.
11.  Before posting in Community, please be sure to correct the label classification, keep the title clear and concise and highlight the theme of the core content. Don’t post any unrelated/meaningless/offensive content. Content posted should be easy to understand and must accurately describe the problem/issue/solution.
12.  Before posting and commenting please check technical documents or earlier experience sharing posts. Be sure to do multiple tests to ensure the correctness of the content and then write, so as to avoid unnecessary differences in opinion.
13.  Before posting ensure that similar issues have not already been raised by other members. If it has already been raised, it is likely that the development team is already working on it.
14.  Please respect other members, reply earnestly, don't give meaningless reply and don’t reply to the topic not related to you, communicate nicely and also in a friendly manner.
15.  English should be the only language for communication.

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