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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

[ Explore EMUI #2] Every Feature you Need To Know

Hey guys, you know that the EMUI you are using it not just a UI... it's a sea of cool and great features...this is the second series of great emui features  to let you know about everything and every feature of emui.
Let's start.
1. App drawer mode : use it to store apps.

2. Virus scan: now keep your phone 100% safe.

Opening the wrong advertisement can cause Trojan viruses and malware to secretly install and run on your device, stealing your contacts information and other personal data. Virus scan can locate and remove potential threats to keep your Phone in good shape.

3. BATTERY optimization : now more options of battery saving

4. Disable app notifications.

Find it annoying to receive so many different types of app notifications? You can set and disable app notifications to prevent this from happening.

5. Moving pictures: now take moving pictures.
Want to take more exciting and vivid photos? Take a moving picture and prolong life's wonderful moments.

6. Screen recorder: record exciting memories on your  screen.
Note- you can find this feature in setting or from notification panel..

7. Cool and amazing notification panel.

8. Smart assistance features..
Includes double tap to wake up, knuckle screenshot,flip to mute and many more.

9. Ride mode : for your safety.

10. Face unlock: now open your phone with face.

11. Navigation dock: now remove your fingers from button.

12. Night mode shot: discover the beauty of night.

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HONOR for the brave..

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