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Wednesday, January 2, 2019

[Huawei Care UPDATE] Download Latest Version Of Hicare

Hi, Hope you all doing good.Today I came up with an awesome and exciting update of new version of HiCare.

Introduction :-

Our "HiCare" aims to providing high-quality, worry-free and fast services for our end users, namely one-stop after-sales services, including around 10 kinds of online services with rich contents, such as Send for repair, Service centers and Live chat.

Main functions :-

1. Usage tips: Mobile phone's featured functions, introduction of features and practical operation skills.

2. Troubleshooting: Gradually guide the end user to position a problem, provide a corresponding solution, and quickly figure out a mobile phone failure.

3. Live chat: Huawei's professional customer service can provide you with online consulting service.

4.Send for repair: The maintenance can be completed without leaving your home: submit the online application for the mobile phone maintenance first, then have a courier to pick up the concerned mobile phone from your home, and finally your mobile phone is delivered back to your home after the maintenance is completed.

5. Service centers: After the GPS positioning service is enabled, you can search for nearby maintenance stations, and the service center can provide you with the route guidance and station information.

6. Repair progress: After the concerned mobile phone is delivered to a maintenance station, you can inquire the maintenance progress with the maintenance order number or the mobile phone serial number at any time.

7. Spare part prices: You can inquire the maintenance and replacement price of screen components, motherboards, cameras and other spare parts.The specific functions are subject to the national standards and are still under improvement.

Updates :-

EMUI 9.0 brought big changes to everything including HiCare. This update a addsfeatures that cater to your needs, including trouble shooting, smartr reminders and more.

Download Link :-  http://bit.ly/2RqLfZJ

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