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Monday, December 24, 2018

[Tutorial] How To Enable 4D Smart Shock in Honor Play?

Hello friends how are you? Hope you all are good. As I saw many users are facing problem in enabling 4D shock Update. Let's Start
[Honor play: Tutorial]
Note:- An update has been Rolled out For fixing and enabling 4D smart shock feature. This feature will only work when you got the update. You can try it after you got it. 
To know about Device Update Catalogue checkout link-
To know about New Update in Honor play checkout this link-
Now come to the topic. Let's learn how to enable 4d shock
Step 1.
To turn it on just go to game suite available in tools folder.
Step 2.
After opening Game suite click on upper 3 dots-----> then Click on Settings.
Step 3.
Then click on settings then you can enable 4D shock.
Hope you like it
Honor For the brave

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