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Friday, December 7, 2018

[Teaser]Glorious Honor Magic 2 Kirin 980 Plus Hold, Nearly 100% Full Screen Mobile Phone Announced

Hello honor fans, Do you know ? Honor just Teased Magic 2. Everyone Amazed to see Magic 2 coming with Kirin 980. Let's discuss About it.
[Honor Magic 2 : Unveiling The Glory]
2016, a future smartphone stunning release, it carries eight curved glass design, Magic live Intelligence system and many black technology, become the world's first real AI smartphone, it is an unforgettable glory Magic.
Note:- The Honor Magic 2 will also pack lots and lots of AI and possibly a new virtual assistant called Yoyo.
For two of years, despite the divergent opinions of pollen, it has not been possible to confirm the next generation's glory magic.
At the IFA in Berlin tonight, Ming elder brother finally brought us the glorious Honor Magic 2.
Magic2 news: The glorious Magic2 will innovate to launch magic slide Magic Comprehensive screen, carries the Kirin 980 chip, as well as supports the 40W super fast charge.

[Magic Slide : Magic Full Screen]
The glorious Magic2 of the Magic slide magic full screen, adhering to the minimalist design concept, to the user experience as the core, using ergonomic with the most comfortable feel of the sliding screen structure design, to create nearly 100% of the screen accounted for, and for consumers to bring more added value: The screen every time the real touch slipped, will open the future world.
Want to watch trailer look at this small video:-
This is a further breakthrough after the glorious magic generation of forward-looking innovations for the smartphone industry, not only broke the overall screen design bottlenecks, for users to create a more reliable, more practical, more comfortable control sense of the use of experience, but also a aesthetic technology and experience with a truly comprehensive screen solution
Want to see Magic Checkout this Gif:- 

[Kirin 980+40w super fast Charge]
In addition to the overall screen design to bring subversive innovation, the glory of Magic2 also has a new breakthrough in performance. The glorious Magic2 will carry Kylin 980 chip, this also lets the glorious Magic2 become the glorious first carries the unicorn 980 chip the product.
Kirin 980 Chip currently the most advanced technology, stronger performance and calculation, combined with lower power consumption, will be at the hardware level for the Glory Magic2 provide strong performance protection.
At the same time, Glory Magic2 will also support 40W super fast charge, charging faster, more secure, to ensure longer service life. And more of the future technology, please wait to unlock

[The Glory continues to explore and break through]
I have to say, 2018 is a glorious year. Before the Glory play brings the GPU Turbo Image processing acceleration technology, as well as the glorious Note10 carrying the nine liquid cooling technology. After the Glory Magic2 brings innovative magic slide magic full screen, Kirin 980 chip, 40W super fast charge and more future black technology
More than said, the next time let us look forward to the glory of the glorious Magic2 of the prosperous debut bar

So let me know What do you expect from the glory Magic2? 
Want to know about Journey of honor just Checkout below link:- 

Hope you like it
Honor for the brave

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