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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Honor Play: Features that makes your life even more Smarter Than Ever

Hello honor fans how are you? As we know Honor play is a cool gaming smartphone but Apart from that it has various cool features that you can use to make your things easier and Clear. I think we should start now...
[Honor play: Cool Features]
1. 4D Gaming Shock
Now you can feel the gaming with this feature. To enable it just follow below steps:
Go to Game Suite App ---> Touch on upper 3 dots and enable 4D shock. This will provide you a best gaming experience ever.

2. Hi touch : Make your shopping Smarter and Easier
3. Single Key Navigation ( Surprised)
Previously we have Navigation Dock but Honor play has Single key Navigation you can now have more fun.
4. Pick Up
Pick up your phone To:
  • Reduce the Ringtone Volume
  • Reduce the tone volume for timers and alarms
  • Wake up the device
5. Raise to Ear
  • When a call comes in, raise your phone to your ear to answer it.
  • Similarly, from the call or contact details screen raise your phone to your ear to call the corresponding number.
  • When you are making a call in speaker mode or using a Bluetooth headset, raise the phone to your ear to switch to earpiece mode.
6. Flip to Mute
Mute incoming calls and alarms
7. Touch disabled mode and gloves mode
  • It prevents mistakes operations that are being carried out on your phone when it is in pocket.
  • You can also use your phone in gloves after turning it on.
8. EIS AND AIS Enabled for your better experience
So guys your phone is not just a simple phone it has many cool features and functions.
Let me know which feature you like the most.


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