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Sunday, December 23, 2018

[Honor 8X] Top 5 Features You Should Use To Go Beyond Limits

Hello Honor Fans as we know that the Honor 8x has been launched in India and received an amazing Response on Amazon in its first festive sale.Apart from that Today I will let you know top 5 features that you should use. 
[Honor 8X : Top 5 Features] 
**Notch On and Off ( Latest feature of EMUI For Notch devices)**

Note: This Feature is only Available in Devices Having Notch.
You can find this feature just go to Settings-->Display--->Notch.
**Three Finger Screen Shot ( just swipe down your 3 fingers on screen)**
Note: Some Devices have Knucle gestures and some have 3 Finger Screen shot.
You can turn it on just go to Settings-->Smart Assistance--->3 Finger Screen shot.
 **Dual Sim 4g [A Better Way To connect]**
Want to try volte in both sim at the same time?  
Want a better calling experience?  
This dual SIMdual VoLTE technolog has 4G LTE benefits such as a high data throughput performance, more reliable coverage, lower power consumption and a consistent HD call quality when you make calls via either cellular connection.
**2.5 and 5 ghz AP Bands**
5GHz operates on a larger spectrum with more non overlapping channels. Each channel has 20MHz of bandwidth which allows for much better speeds compared to 2.5GHz band (the entire2.4GHz band is only 80MHz wide). The higher the frequency of a wireless signal, the shorter its range.

**Navigation Getures**
Don't like buttons? Want to use gestures? 
This is the most cool feature according to me. You can also use your phone without virtual buttons. 
Steps: Go To settings--->System---->Navigation

So these were the features that I found to be really helpful. Apart from that there are many features available. Hope you like it.. 
Let me know which feature do you like the most? 
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  1. But where is the private space in honor 8x..
    I am very disappointed


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