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Monday, December 24, 2018

[Explore EMUI #1] The Sea Of Great Features

Hey guys, you know that the EMUI you are using it not just a UI... it's a sea of cool and great features...I will make series of great emui features  to let you know about everything and every feature of emui.
Let's start.
1. Consolidated settings : making
Customisation easier and simpler...
Having a hard time finding the settings you need? Do you find manually changing your settings too frustrating? EMUI 8.0 has made things simpler by grouping related settings together. A clustered display makes the main settings screen clearer, and voice activation of settings has been added.

2. WiFi+ - the great features provided which lets you to connect to saved WiFi networks.

3. HDR mode :- make your photos even more sharper.
When taking a back-lit photo or shooting scenery or architecture with strong light contrast, HDR mode can help you improve the effects of light and shadows in your photos, giving your photos sharper details. When HDR mode is enabled, the camera will use different exposure settings to quickly take several shots and combine them. The result is a photo with sharper details in bright and mid-tone areas.

4. Private space:- now protect your private information.
Do you worry that your private information might be seen by your friends and coworkers when you're showing them photos and other things on your Phone? PrivateSpace lets you store private information in a hidden space within your device that can only be accessed with your fingerprint or password.

5. Optimisation : now optimise your phone in one touch.

6. Notepad: helping you to keep track of everything.

7. App shortcuts: making app features start faster.
Do you love to take selfies, and want to be able to take them in just one step? EMUI 8.0 offers app feature shortcuts for you to use with your most frequently used features, letting you add them to the home screen and open them in a single step.

8. Global search: an easy way to search anything.

9. Volte: make calls and data at the same time.
VoLTE (Voice over LTE) allows both call and data services to be carried on the same 4G network, which means you can use the Internet even while making calls. VoLTE also provides you with shorter call connection times and higher quality voice and video calls.

10. Storage cleaner: the best cleaner to clean up your junk files.
Your Phone may slow down over time as your storage space gets smaller. You can use memory cleanup to free up storage space, improve system performance, and keep your Phone running smoothly.

11. Touch disable: helping to use your phone more smoothly.
EMUI 8.0 uses an all-new algorithm to prevent registering accidental touches. This helps avoid falsely registering any accidental contact between your hand and Phone while using your Phone one-handed. EMUI 8.0's new smart touch recognition algorithm has reduced this type of accidental touch by 60%.

12. Light painting: shoot light trails.
Light painting mode automatically sets a slow shutter speed to take long-exposure shots of light trails. This mode produces stunning photos that have an ethereal quality.

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