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Friday, December 28, 2018

10 Smart Shortcut Features You Can Use In Honor Phones

Hello honor fans. How are you? As we know we have many great Features in Our EMUI but today we will learn about some cool shortcut Features which you can use to save your time and Reduce your navigation.


1. App shortcut
you can just press on a app and access shortcuts at the same time.
Steps: just press on app, then you will see the possible shortcuts.

2. Notification panel
There are numerous option available in Notification panel also you can edit.
Note:- you can limit them according to your need.

3. Manage app notification in just one tap
You can manage your particular app notification.
Steps:- just press app notification then you can manage it.

4. Manage your homescreen Easily
You can manage your homescreen ( style, page transition, widgets and layouts)
Steps:- just swipe in your two fingers them you can manage it easily.

5. Quick calling
You can quickly call to any user with quick calling feature
Steps:- After screen is off you just have to hold volume down button and you will hear a buzzer tune then you have to say the name of the person to call.
Note:- Your voice should be clear and Internet is not necessary to use this feature.

6. Quick Response while calling
You can use quick response feature if you don't want to attend the call at the moment.

7. Speed dial
Set your most used contact in speed dial. Then there will no need to type number.
Steps:- just hold the assigned contact number after setting up speed dial.

8. Highlights Album
Now there is no need to find your particular photo. All photos will be sort out with the highlight feature available in album. For example: you have many photos of food in your phone then you can see all food photos at one place in highlights album.
9. Hide apps
You can hide your stuff easily with few simple steps.
Steps: just pinch out with your two fingers on your home screen---> then hidden menu will be opened.

10. Knuckle gesture
Want to capture only few part on your homescreen?
Then you can use knuckle gesture feature.

Hope you like it
Honor for the brave

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